March 7, 2009


Random thoughts on this very nice spring break Saturday afternoon:

-Need to be careful in rolley chair. Can either get too dizzy from spinning around or unexpectedly roll away from desk while trying to prop up feet, resulting in my feet falling on the ground as opposed to sitting on my desk like expected. The angle of the floor is not kind.

-re: conversation with Tim yesterday. The concept of a person not being whole without another person annoys me. I feel I am complete as a person by myself - I don't need someone else to validate me. Tim agrees.

-Pad Thai. Why does it come with shrimp?

-Gorgeous spring days like this (57 degrees) that make me reconsider my desire to move back to the frozen fields of Minnesota. I have my window open, people.

-I'm finally back to a pre-sickness running pace. I did a 5k distance yesterday and there's the 5k run in town tomorrow that I was originally going to do with Duncan, but I don't think I'm doing that anymore. She's in El Salvador being awesome and monitoring elections and I don't want to overextend myself before the race in Minnesota this Saturday. I want to be in top form so I can beat the pants off of SOME people (coughSarahcough).

-The Yale Club of New York is one place where I will never feel like I fit in or fully comfortable. I'm looking at you, dress code, portraits of presidents, and general pretentious atmosphere.

-My friend Dave knows of some really really delicious restaurants.

-Why do Macs sound like they're eating a disc everytime you put one it? Horrible grinding noise and I think the inside is a portal to another dimension. Most of the time it's not, though.

-I need to work on my 50 books in 2009 list.

-Sometimes I need to take my own advice.

That is all.

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