March 17, 2009

random thoughts on death

So one of the major critiques of society for the past 100+ years has been that we're unprepared for death - we try to postpone death, we don't think about it, we don't talk about it, it's an unseemly subject, etc etc etc.

To counteract this (and because I'm possibly a little morbid [but do I think that's morbid as a result of our death-avoiding culture?]), I try and think about my own death on a regular basis. I think about ways I might die (today was a car accident off the 172 bridge in Green Bay), my funeral, if I'd be ok dying in these clothes, how various people in my life would react, if there's anything after life and what that might be, or maybe that all religion is bunk and life as I know it would just blink out of existence.

Then I wonder, maybe I'm not thinking about death often enough. I'm not sure how often I think about my own death, but I think it's probably more regular than other people. I've taken classes on death and dying, plus I'm in a death class right now so I think I'm probably a little more familiar with the topic than others.

How often do you think about death? What do you think about when you think about it? Is it abstract stuff or concrete? Do you think about the way people would react, or do you think about the act and process of dying?


Anna said...

It is Tuesday - St. Pats day - and it's time to think about Death linds. It's our death time! Even during class time. So - would I be ok dying while packing to go to Seattle? not quite sure. but at least I have clean underwear on and a beer near!

Patti said...

I pretty much only think about it in the sense that after I die I hope my children see or hear certain things and think of me. I'm hoping that every time they see a great sunset or sunrise they think of me and say, "mom would have love that one!" Probably will happen when they hear the song, Kung Fu Fighting, as well.....