August 26, 2008

I hate NWA part 2

Here's the short of my trip back to Connecticut on Sunday: I arrived at the airport in Green Bay at 9:00 AM and left the Hartford airport at 11:20 pm.

Now the long: The plane had mechanical problems so in GB they kept pushing back the anticipated departure time by half hour increments. I went up once and switched my connecting flight (remember?) and then at 2:00, when it was clear I wouldn't be making that one either, went to change my flight time again. We were supposed to fly to Detroit at 10:00 and we ended up sitting there long enough that another flight to Detroit came and left, with us glaring angrily at all the leaving passengers. I ended up getting on a 3:00 flight to Minneapolis and catching a connecting flight out of there to Hartford and landed at 10:30. Since my flight path was all messed up, my bag wasn't on the plane with me, so I had to wait in line for the lost baggage lady, only to have her tell me that it was on the flight from Detroit that landed at 11:00. Fortunately, Josh hit road construction and was late in picking me up, so I was able to wait for my bag and have it right away. But what a gross day.

Now I'm arranging my room at the CHouse and unpacking everything... trying to figure out the best spots for all of my things. I've managed to arrange my desk and bed so they're both by windows. That's my favorite spots for both of them, so it worked out nicely. I'll post pictures once everything comes together... I still have boxes of stuff in my room plus downstairs on the first floor. I need to get a dresser from Becca upstairs and I bought a bookcase, although I'm thinking I'll probably need more space than what I have. Once I get my clothes and books put away, then I can start hanging stuff on the walls. Not too shabby, I have to say. It helps that I'm not doing anything with BTFO and can sit around doing this as opposed to giving sage advice to first-years.

I'm glad to be back, though. I was talking to one of the professors yesterday at the BTFO dinner and I was describing what I want to study, and she said, "Oh, contemporary iconography." I had never thought of that phrase before, but I really like it because it aptly describes the mixture of culture and Jesus images. Plus it sounds good for Ph.D applications...

Time to put books on shelves.

August 24, 2008

I hate NWA

Ugh, so I'm in the Green Bay airport waiting to get back on the airplane. Apparently there's a some mechanical problem and they're trying to fix it and think it'll take long enough that it's worth getting everyone off the plane. I'm super frustrated and probably unnecessarily so because it's not like I can do anything about it. They're working to reschedule connecting flights for people who have original flights leaving Detroit before 1:30, hoping we can still get there by then. My flight to Hartford leaves at 1:45, so I just miss the cut off and probably will be fucked over at some point by the airlines. I just want to get back to New Haven. Is that too much to ask? I suppose it's fate that I'm really anxious and excited to get back to school and the actual physical thing bringing me there is broken. I suppose it's not worth it yet to call Josh and let him know my plane is broken until I actually know when I'll arrive.

Ugh, this really blows. Is it took much to ask that I just make it home as scheduled without getting screwed on the way?

Update: It's now 12:30 and we're still waiting in the airport in Green Bay. I rescheduled to the next flight to Hartford, so now I'm getting there at 5:10 instead of 3:30. Not horrible, but still sucks. If they don't get the problem fixed soon, I might have to bump the time back again. In my mind, I'm like "come on... let's give it a shot. The mechanical problems can't be that bad, can they?" I suppose it's probably not the safest mindset, but then again, I'm not the one flying the plane. My toes are cold. This air conditioning will probably freeze me first before I can even leave Green Bay. I don't think I have a sweatshirt in my carry on luggage - it's mostly underwear and socks, I think. Boo. Maybe I'll put on different shoes, though.

August 18, 2008

Tessa apparently wants me to write more. Ok. Here it is.

I'm in Green Bay for the next week and then I'm getting back to New Haven. I'm excited to get back to school and unpack my belongings and stop living out of a suitcase. It was sad to leave the Twin Cities and my friends and Andrew, but I'm so itchy to get the semester started.

Irish Fest in Milwaukee was fun - I'll put pictures up (maybe) sometime. Irish Fair was fun - Flogging Molly was sweet and Summit Brewery's Oatmeal Stout is pretty awesome.

More later. I still feel stagnant and unmotivated to write.

August 3, 2008

Totally unmotivated in everything

There's less than a month until I'm back in New Haven, and only two weeks that I'll be around here in the Twin Cities. As excited as I am about going back, I'll miss being here (although not the heat... screw 90+ humidity).

I'm reeeaaaalllllllllly ready to be done with my French class. It's just dragging on and I'm not interested in waking up at 7:30 every day anymore to go sit in a loud room to hear people talk in French. There's only a week left, so that's good. I feel if it were any more than that, I'd go crazy. It was pretty easy to pick up at first (maybe because a lot of it was repeat from high school), but now it's harder to learn everything so quickly. I feel if I had more time to digest the stuff, I'd be better at remembering it and all of that, but there's just so much that's similiar it's hard to distinguish and remember. I also feel like the instructor isn't as good at teaching the material as the one first session, so it's probably a combination of all those things. I'm ready to not have class for awhile, before the semester starts up again.

Last weekend when Mom and Erich were here, we had tons of fun. We rode our bikes all around Minneapolis and drank a ton. And saw fireworks! Exciting.

I'm feeling a little less than motivated, so we'll do this the quick and dirty way:
The Dark Knight: Awesome
Flogging Molly at Irish Fair: Awesome
Irish Fest in Milwaukee with Matt, Erich, Mom, Kari, Dawn(?): Awesome
Andrew's multiple birthday celebrations: Awesome
Baking cookies with Kari: Awesome
The cookies that didn't have enough flour: Not so awesome
Margaritas with the MOK kids, Watry and KG: Awesome
Next morning: Less than awesome

That is all.