August 24, 2008

I hate NWA

Ugh, so I'm in the Green Bay airport waiting to get back on the airplane. Apparently there's a some mechanical problem and they're trying to fix it and think it'll take long enough that it's worth getting everyone off the plane. I'm super frustrated and probably unnecessarily so because it's not like I can do anything about it. They're working to reschedule connecting flights for people who have original flights leaving Detroit before 1:30, hoping we can still get there by then. My flight to Hartford leaves at 1:45, so I just miss the cut off and probably will be fucked over at some point by the airlines. I just want to get back to New Haven. Is that too much to ask? I suppose it's fate that I'm really anxious and excited to get back to school and the actual physical thing bringing me there is broken. I suppose it's not worth it yet to call Josh and let him know my plane is broken until I actually know when I'll arrive.

Ugh, this really blows. Is it took much to ask that I just make it home as scheduled without getting screwed on the way?

Update: It's now 12:30 and we're still waiting in the airport in Green Bay. I rescheduled to the next flight to Hartford, so now I'm getting there at 5:10 instead of 3:30. Not horrible, but still sucks. If they don't get the problem fixed soon, I might have to bump the time back again. In my mind, I'm like "come on... let's give it a shot. The mechanical problems can't be that bad, can they?" I suppose it's probably not the safest mindset, but then again, I'm not the one flying the plane. My toes are cold. This air conditioning will probably freeze me first before I can even leave Green Bay. I don't think I have a sweatshirt in my carry on luggage - it's mostly underwear and socks, I think. Boo. Maybe I'll put on different shoes, though.

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tessarae said...

i KNOW. i have more problems with nwa than any other airline, ever, but i almost always have to fly them because they are the cheapest and i am dirt poor.

but seriously, would it kill them to give us a snack?