October 23, 2008

Let it snow!

Every fall I go through a Christmas music phase, where I listen to Christmas music out of season. It happened last year and I've been getting the urge recently. My roommates are adamantly against this (with good reason), so I'm just listening to it while they're not around/with headphones on. I see nothing wrong with this - it's only for a week or so until I'm sick of early Christmas music.

My house has a Christmas tree, so I'm excited to finally have my own Christmas tree in my post-Green Bay world. More on this in a few months.

Matt's coming to visit this weekend! Mom's visit was good! I have papers due Monday and Tuesday after Matt leaves, so I have to write those now. And study for a midterm in a half hour. God, I'm so awesome at not procrastinating.*


October 1, 2008

awesome! not awesome.

I have an interview tomorrow for the Yale seminar program I applied for - awesome!

My mom is coming soon - awesome!

I bought new red rainboots and a star umbrella - awesome!

Friday is the second community dinner and then my house is having a party - awesome!

110 days until Bush is out of office - awesomer by the day!

35 days until the election - awesome!

I have a bunch of bubble wrap from coffee boxes - awesome!

I have lots of reading to do - not so awesome...

Papers are due soon - not so awesome...

I either have a cold or allergies - not so awesome...

The end.