July 12, 2013

Every day I'm strength training

I've been doing a lot of this lately:

 I've been biking to work and around town more, which is great. Although one day the hour bike ride home from work aggravated my IT band and caused some hip pain. But it's feeling better now.

Overall, my IT band is still a bit sore, but I'm running. Not at the levels to do serious marathon training, but at a level where I'm happy. I think the consistent strength training is helping me recover faster, and it certainly makes getting up at 5 AM four days a week worth it. I think at this point, the marathon is too soon for me to train and reach the mileage levels where I'll have a good race and not threaten injury. I don't have the base I was hoping for, and while 12 weeks out is enough for some people to train effectively, not a first time marathoner with a recent IT band injury. So I'm going to find some 10 mile training plans and kill it on the Twin Cities 10 Mile on October 6.  My plan last year prepared me pretty well, so I may go back to that one.

 It's getting to the hot point of summer, where my lunchtime runs may have to move inside or in the morning. Sam thinks it's hot out too.

Coming up:
TBD... probably more structured than I've been the last two weeks

past few weeks:
June 24 - Strength training; 2 mi
June 25 - Strength training; bike to/from work (20 mi)
June 26 - Strength training
June 27 - Strength training; 2 mi
June 28 - yoga
June 29 - biked to the Twins game
June 30 - 1 mi, biked downtown to the Pride parade
July 1 - strength training; biked to/from work (20 mi)
July 2 - strength training; 2.5 mi
July 3 - strength training
July 4 - rest
July 5 - strength training; 3 mi
July 6 - canoe trip
July 7 - 27 minute run with Sam (my Garmin wouldn't sync), yoga
July 8 - strength training; bike to/from work (20 mi)
July 9 - strength training; 2.5 mi
July 10 - strength training
July 11 - strength training; 3 mi