December 30, 2008














December 23, 2008

viva something, that's for sure

Last night I dreamed
of making love to Fidel Castro
In a king-sized bed
at the Waldorf Astoria.
Viva la revolucion! he roared
as he vanquished my dress.
Outside the window
Nikita Kruschev watched us
Plucking a chicken.

-Mad Men, season 1 episode 6

hate hate hate

Shitty romantic comedies make me so incredibly angry. They're filled with ridiculous stereotypes and portray women as stupid and neurotic who need to figure out how to balance a career and a "life."

There's some yelling involved. I also hate Kevin Bacon.

December 20, 2008

In the wintertime when the weather is hot

The view out my window this morning.

We don't have a shovel so Josh and Amir had to sweep the driveway to clear it of snow, and then Josh took the broom to his car.

Amir received the lovely gift of slippers from a friend of ours so now we don't have to see his freakishly long toes in socks and flip flops. It's really a gift for the whole house. Plus they're really warm and I've worn them around a bit since he's left. Oops?

December 17, 2008

elbow splints and tennis shin

I think I have tennis elbow, shin splints and, at one point a few months ago, cancer.

I also think I'm a bit of a closet hypochondriac. Or a self-diagnoser. Can you be a hypochondriac if you think all this stuff is wrong with you but then never actually do anything about it?

I'm serious about the tennis elbow and shin splints though. Ok, shin splints more than the tennis elbow, but I do have elbow pain. And the shin splints are going away.

Ugh. Can tennis elbow get me out of two exams? Let's try.

Also - notebooks with the binding at the top:

Good in theory, but really damn confusing when trying to flip through notes and study. I get all confused about which page goes next, plus it's hard to flip through and look at multiple pages. I already decided that I'm going to take notes on my laptop next semester, so whatevs to you, top-bound notebook! Take that!

December 15, 2008

Study break post

As I read more and more of the church fathers, I find myself at odds with their use of male-gendered language for the relationship between the different manifestations of the Godhead. Most specifically, the Father-Son language that's used almost exclusively and widespread throughout patristic literature. I avoid using it in my notes, but as I'm studying for exams I'm beginning to realize that I may have lost some of the intrinsic relationship implications by avoiding those terms.

The terms "father" and "son" are fundamentally part of what these authors are describing - the relationship between begotten and the person who begat is at the heart of the debates taking place. The church fathers then verbalized this in whatever manner they knew best, which not surprisingly, was that of a parent-child relationship, and specifically the father-son relationship (fueled by a multitude of references to God the Father in the Bible).

I'm still very much a proponant of using gender-inclusive/gender-free terms for describing the Trinity in our daily use now (also empire/dominion-free terms), which means "father," "lord," "son," and other familiar terms are out in favor of "creator," "redeemer," and "sustainer." The bigger question now, however, is how to rethink the church fathers and put their male-dominated ideas into gender-free language while still maintaining the important relational aspects they were trying to convey in the first place.

Something I don't have the time (or background knowledge) for currently, but a book I'd be interested in reading some day.

apples and doctors and me

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does two apples a day do?

I'll keep you posted as I experiment. No doctors today, as of yet.

December 13, 2008

surly is as surly does

I'm feeling a little surly today - not good Surly - but surly surly.

I ran it out this morning on my (still slow) run and I might have to color it out later today with Jake's new coloring book. Is there anyway I can study it out? I feel it's counterproductive to my general surly feel. Ugh. Maybe Yeah Yeah Yeahs can help me out. They kinda seem surly a lot in their music. If they're surly, then I can be study-surly.

My chain fell off my bike last night. I fixed it. My fingernails are still a little black.

December 12, 2008


My christmas list is a little off this year... I'm considering asking for these things which I have never desired before:

a blow dryer with diffuser
running shoes

Also, okgo is playing in New Haven on March 10 and I'm super super excited. I love them so much.

Bacher out.

December 11, 2008

Just can't win

Sometimes, I miss the Twin Cities so much that it's ridiculous. However, I also know that as soon as I leave, I'll miss New Haven. Why do I have to fall in love with all the places I live, or probably more accurate, all the people I meet in my life? Why must I surround myself with good people who make my life so amazing in every place I live? I spent my whole summer with my college roommates and Andrew and Kari and missed my div school friends, and now I miss my St. Paul people and spend my time with my div school friends.

It's so rough being me.

Also, I have lived in three main locations in my life, all with two word names: Green Bay, St. Paul and New Haven. I lived in Minneapolis for three months, but at that point I still lived in the Twin Cities.

December 7, 2008

funeral plans

These are my burial wishes:

I would like a viking funeral, in which my body gets set out on a boat and lit on fire, possibly with an arrow. Also, I would like an meaningful, acoustic version of "We Didn't Start the Fire" to play.

Maybe something like this:

Please plan accordingly.

December 6, 2008

Impossible yet logical

One of my favorite things to do is to take illogical or unrealistic premises to their logical conclusion.

For example, the defensibility of my house in a zombie invasion, what I would do with a unicorn as a pet and the usefulness of a house monkey.

Usually, this ends up with my mom saying, "Oh, Lindsay, you're so silly." It's true.