December 17, 2008

elbow splints and tennis shin

I think I have tennis elbow, shin splints and, at one point a few months ago, cancer.

I also think I'm a bit of a closet hypochondriac. Or a self-diagnoser. Can you be a hypochondriac if you think all this stuff is wrong with you but then never actually do anything about it?

I'm serious about the tennis elbow and shin splints though. Ok, shin splints more than the tennis elbow, but I do have elbow pain. And the shin splints are going away.

Ugh. Can tennis elbow get me out of two exams? Let's try.

Also - notebooks with the binding at the top:

Good in theory, but really damn confusing when trying to flip through notes and study. I get all confused about which page goes next, plus it's hard to flip through and look at multiple pages. I already decided that I'm going to take notes on my laptop next semester, so whatevs to you, top-bound notebook! Take that!


Katie said...

Shin splints are probably from the running you've been doing? It'll go away after a while. Elbow- try to be aware of what you're doing with your arms. Some kind of overextension?

I can't help you with cancer. Crazy.

Patti said...

I had that tennis elbow thing once and it hurts like h*ck! And I don't even play tennis! I had to wear a brace for quite awhile to get rid of it. If it still hurts when you get home, your momma will doctor it up. Poor baby. Now go take your exams.

lindsay said...

you two are better than webmd!

Katie said...