December 11, 2008

Just can't win

Sometimes, I miss the Twin Cities so much that it's ridiculous. However, I also know that as soon as I leave, I'll miss New Haven. Why do I have to fall in love with all the places I live, or probably more accurate, all the people I meet in my life? Why must I surround myself with good people who make my life so amazing in every place I live? I spent my whole summer with my college roommates and Andrew and Kari and missed my div school friends, and now I miss my St. Paul people and spend my time with my div school friends.

It's so rough being me.

Also, I have lived in three main locations in my life, all with two word names: Green Bay, St. Paul and New Haven. I lived in Minneapolis for three months, but at that point I still lived in the Twin Cities.


Katie said...

I miss you lindsay!

Katie said...

Hey how did you download your background? I went to Lena's site and it didn't work when I clicked on the link.

lindsay said...

it was really annoying to do... i had to mess around with it a bit. i'll look at her site and email you once i remember what i did.