December 12, 2008


My christmas list is a little off this year... I'm considering asking for these things which I have never desired before:

a blow dryer with diffuser
running shoes

Also, okgo is playing in New Haven on March 10 and I'm super super excited. I love them so much.

Bacher out.


Katie said...

Does the diffuser make your hair all poofy? Because that would kick ass with your curls.

lindsay said...

it gives it more volume... a bit more curly too. i usually air dry but it's been a bit off lately. maybe the lack of humidity.

Patti said...

The lack of humidity straightens my hair right out! However you are right on with the diffuser idea. Also - you don't head outside in the cold with a wet head that way!

I'll have a chat with Santa about your needs.

lindsay said...

mom, it's scientifically proven that a wet head of hair will not get you sick.

but i'm glad you're such a good intermediary between me and santa!

Katie said...

Patti you should chat with me before Santa so we don't have duplicate gifts. :) ::coughs:: Lindsay you didn't see this.