December 13, 2008

surly is as surly does

I'm feeling a little surly today - not good Surly - but surly surly.

I ran it out this morning on my (still slow) run and I might have to color it out later today with Jake's new coloring book. Is there anyway I can study it out? I feel it's counterproductive to my general surly feel. Ugh. Maybe Yeah Yeah Yeahs can help me out. They kinda seem surly a lot in their music. If they're surly, then I can be study-surly.

My chain fell off my bike last night. I fixed it. My fingernails are still a little black.


Rachel said...

I was thinking you meant Surly: That would be awesome.

You can color it out for a while and then you have to study it out.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I love the Surly brewing company. For my birthday this year, Mia took me to a beer tasting where Surly debuted a beer. It was amazing.

lindsay said...

Yes and yes to both Surlys. Surlies?

Either way, I want both.