January 29, 2009


Ahhh! I just emailed in an application to a job I really really really really want. It's teaching religion at a private Jesuit high school for low income students in Minneapolis. I don't have any school teaching experience but I rocked camp for two summers. Eeeh, I'm nervous. It would be a really good fit for me and I think I would like it a lot.... anxious anxious anxious.

I like this song a ton:

I kinda love the video a ton too.

Now I just have to wait to hear back from them. eek!

January 24, 2009


My classes this semester are all awesome, but a few are slightly morbid... in good ways.

Film and Liturgy (not quite so morbid... but this week we're watching the baptismal scene from The Godfather where they kill everybody)
GLBTQ pastoral care (not very morbid, but a little sad and enlightening for me)
Death in Music, Art and Liturgy (pretty morbid but good. I kind of like showing up in public places reading books titled "The Theology of Death")
The Passion of Christ in Art and Literature (we're basically spending the semester talking about an act of torture and how it's depicted over 2000 years)

Jake's pencil is very loud as he underlines in his book.

I'm going to run a 5k in early March with my friend Rachel. She's actually running one next weekend, but I'm not sure if I could do that now, especially since my legs are still adapting to the increased impact of, you know, running all the time. I should be golden by March, though. I looked at the course online and it's literally running from downtown up to the Div school and back. Literally. Did I mention it's going to be golden?

January 18, 2009

39 hours, 47 minutes, 7 seconds

I first added a "Bush: time left in office" countdown application to my Firefox browser shortly after beginning to use Firefox... I think that was in 2005 or 2006. The number of days left in office was still high, years off. But it was reassuring to see the number drop day by day, steadily. Last week the application changed to an hourly countdown.

Right now, Bush has 39 hours, 47 minutes and 7 seconds still left as president.

A new day is on the horizon... it's almost here!

January 11, 2009

I hate NWA part 3

I'm seriously sick of the crap Northwest Airlines expects its customers to eat in order to get from one place to the other. My flight is (again) delayed an hour, which means I might miss my flight in Detroit. The next flight leaves Detroit at 9:30, putting me into Hartford at 11. Do you want to know why? Because the flight crew wasn't there yet. There wasn't a plane yet either, but it's just crap.

I don't know why they can't get their deal together. I book tickets on the expectation that I'll be arriving at the stated time. I make plans on the assumption that I will, in fact, be arriving at the stated time. I live an hour from the airport, I don't have a car and I always have to arrange for a ride from friends. It's not easy to make last minute changes and to repeatedly ask people to adjust their schedules when they're already going out of their way to pick me up. I understand that there are weather delays and other things like that. However, it's just ridiculous for any other delays.

Unfortunately, NWA is the airline that goes most of the places I need to go so I'm somewhat forced to eat their pile of excuses on a regular basis.

January 7, 2009


Hells yeah, three H- and an HP+. Considering Emilie Townes' definition of an H is her sitting back and saying "wow," I'll consider this a job well done.

January 5, 2009

Night in the Box

Here's a bit of my New Years Eve (even though it's not from Wednesday):

Good times. Good band. Fun week.