January 29, 2009


Ahhh! I just emailed in an application to a job I really really really really want. It's teaching religion at a private Jesuit high school for low income students in Minneapolis. I don't have any school teaching experience but I rocked camp for two summers. Eeeh, I'm nervous. It would be a really good fit for me and I think I would like it a lot.... anxious anxious anxious.

I like this song a ton:

I kinda love the video a ton too.

Now I just have to wait to hear back from them. eek!


Patti said...

I like it too! And you'll shine out bright as a radiant star among all the applicants because you have awesome qualities and they'd be lucky to have you!

Katie said...

^^^ What she said. :) What's the name of that song?

lindsay said...

yay! you two are quite lovely!

and katie, the song is 1234 by feist.

Kari said...

Is that video one continuous shot?!