February 3, 2009


Things I'm looking forward to doing post-graduation:

pay off student loans
make enough money to pay off my student loans
read for fun
have a church home
grocery shop on a regular basis
live with Kari
set my coffee maker to make coffee automatically in the morning, put it in my travel mug and ride my bike to work

Is that sad? (except the Kari part)


Patti said...

I find nothing sad in any of that.

lindsay said...

I suppose it's the looking forward to paying off loans that I thought was a little sad... the rest of it is just normal.

Rachel said...

Do you have a coffee cup holder on your bike?

Kari said...

Once we live together I will have free reign on all your clothes.

Katie said...

I think it's funny that you think you're going to pay off your loans. Don't you know that once you graduate they spawn in your closet at night?

lindsay said...

no, Katie, no!