February 8, 2009


Goooood birthday weekend.

Some highlights:
-ran 3 miles nonstop Thursday (most ever)
-birthday cupcakes from Tessa
-good birthday celebration after the hockey game (which was sold out so I didn't get to go... boo)
-went to the Dartmouth game on Saturday where we won 3-1 and both figuratively and literally beat the crap out of them

Visual highlights:
My birthday cake - self baked and decorated. I think it looks awesome, but I have to say someone else drew on the tongue and nose. I just had a plain smiley face.


Tim and I!

Amir attack!

Erik and I.

Rachel, looking adorable.

Ryan, classy as always.

Marshall's birthday present to me. If you can read the writing, it says, "Happy Birthday, Ass."


Patti said...

Fun, fun, fun! If I had been there I would have baked you a cake!

lindsay said...

OMG Mom, I have the best story to tell you about that song.