February 11, 2009

Let's discuss

The length of my hair - let's discuss. Grow it out or cut it short?

Cut it short:
I look good with short hair
It's easy to take care of
I only have to use shampoo in the shower
Will be nice to have in the upcoming summer
Quick to blow dry
Anything past my shoulders bugs the crap out of me

Grow it out:
I like putting it in two buns, ala Princess Leia
I could be Princess Leia for Halloween

I just really want to be like Princess Leia; I won't lie. I can fit my hair in two short pigtails/buns now, but I'm getting it cut before Nat's wedding. It's driving me crazy right now and the only thing going for the length is the Princess Leia-factor.


Andrew said...

You look good with long hair.

And short hair.

But it's been a while since you've had long hair. And the Princess Leia thing would be sweet.

kari said...

Short hair. you look hot with short hair

Patti said...

If the only plus on the long hair side is the Princess Leia factor go with short hair. There are always wigs for halloween.

Besides that you look hot with short hair.