June 30, 2010

some stuff

Hehe, we got married.

My windowsill basil tastes and smells delicious. Mmmmmmmm. After I touch it, my hands still smell like basil.

June 20, 2010

we dance

We don’t have ideology; we don’t have theology; we dance.
-Shinto monk to Joseph Campbell

June 15, 2010

registry guilt

Well, the Bellin Run this weekend happened as planned. I did not run as planned because apparently, my plans were off. Thank you, Nike+. That 6.5 mile run I did last week? 6 miles. Nike+ tracked my 10k at 7.6 miles. So my expectation of running a 10:30 pace? Based on inaccurate numbers. It just meant I had to readjust my expectations. I ran faster than I did last year by 2 minutes, but I still felt I could have done better. I think it's hard to do well when you're standing around for at least 45 minutes before your wave starts. Maybe I'd do better on another 10k.

Andrew and I are getting things ready for our wedding this weekend and the party in August. We had some extra time today before going to a work picnic, so we went to Target and started of thinking of things we'd like on the registry. There's somethings we know for sure (box set of Indiana Jones movies, magnetic knife stripe), but we (especially Andrew) feel conflicted about asking for a bunch of stuff. We already live together and have collected things like dishes, pots and pans, etc. We could register for nicer things, but as a whole, we have no real issue with the things we have. It seems wasteful to register for things we don't really need or would simply like to have because we have the option of having them. I'm surviving perfectly fine without an egg plate so far.

However, people like to bring gifts to weddings and we want to help people celebrate their excitement with us. People coming to the small wedding this weekend have already asked about what they can bring - both in terms of gifts as well as food.

I don't know. My non-materialistic side is brushing up against the idea of going into Target and pointing at stuff I want. Any suggestions for managing feelings of registry guilt?

Of course. As soon as I write out my registry guilt, I head over to A Practical Wedding and Meg offers her lovely, often incredibly useful, advice:
The registry is not about the wedding, the registry is about the marriage. For us, we hope that means a long life with a passel of kids, a ton of family gatherings, and lots of cooking. So for us, that’s what a registry is about – letting our friends and loved ones build that home for us. The registry is like a barn raising.

June 9, 2010

photos and the like

View from the living room window looking towards downtown. If you stand on the street, you've got a great view of downtown.

Living room.

Kitchen, showing my favorite part of the apartment - the step up. Also the massive counterspace.

Living room from the entryway.

Bookcase next to the bathroom. YDS diploma.

Also - running the Bellin this Saturday. If last Saturday was anything like this Saturday, I'll be doing just fine.

eh. this is happening in my life.

Getting married in 10 days. FYI.

New apartment. Pictures soon.

Winding down a year with the MRC. Hazy future, but not too worried yet.