February 21, 2009

busy busy busy? not really.

I feel like I've been busy lately, but really I think it's just that my head's been out of it. I haven't actually been that busy in the long run. So here's a brief list of stuff I've been up to:

Recovering from sickness: I was sick. I am no longer sick. Well, I have a lingering, dying cough and a bit of a runny nose. It's on the way out, but last week was pretty ridiculous. I think I picked it up while standing outside for the Daily Show last Tuesday (more on that later), but Friday was pretty much lay-on-the-couch day. I went up to the school to put away peapod groceries and was dragging ass the whole way. Anyway, I'm better now.

Went to The Daily Show taping: Fulfilled a long-held dream of mine to go to a Daily Show taping. Went last Tuesday as a late birthday present to myself with a couple of friends and really enjoyed it. Jon Stewart and I had a connection... I can tell. There was a period where he intently locked eyes with myself, or perhaps he was just staring off into space, because we were sitting directly in front of his desk. Time will tell. Here's the show we went to go see.

Ruined my laptop with coffee and ended up getting a new one: Spilled my travel mug of coffee alllllll over my old laptop at the coffee shop on Saturday morning while working on the murder mystery community dinner. It was pretty much shot and I knew that, after having several friends who had spilled liquids on their laptops. Anything I could have done to save it I would have had to do right away, and I didn't realize it. Anyway, I was able to turn this frown upside down because I now have a Mac! I love it and all of the operational quirks were way easy to pick up. The guy at the Apple Store was talking to me like an idiot, showing me how to use the internet and email program as if I've never used them before... I couldn't tell if it was because I was a lady or a first-time Mac buyer. He made some comment to Jake and Tim about how they could help me load Office onto my computer, and Jake said, "Well, she probably knows more about this than either of us." Damn straight, old guy at the Apple Store.

Applying for jobs: I've found a couple more jobs I'm applying for in Minneapolis - two with Americorps that help with literacy or college applications and one with as a religious community organizer working with congregations around social justice issues. I'm pretty excited about the last one... I think I'd be good at it and it seems like an organization that would push me to do my best. I'm also getting really excited about the possibility of moving back to the Twin Cities, even with all of the cold and snow. I won't lie; I kind of like the milder climate here, but I'm ready to settle down and live somewhere for awhile. My friend calls it an experiment in putting down roots, and I tend to agree with him.

Returning to MPLS/GRB: I'm looking foward to my spring break and heading back Midwest-side for a week and a half or so. I'm flying into Minneapolis for a few days to hopefully interview for jobs... if not, just see friends and Kari. We're also running a 5k that weekend I'm back, so huzzah for that.

Running: I took a break from running because of the sickness, but I'm back and trying to up my distances for my runs. Right now I'm hovering between 2 miles and 3 miles on a regular basis, so I'd like to make the longer distance more regularly. Some days it's a pain trying to find time to go, and I generally don't like going in the morning because I don't feel like my breakfast provides enough energy for that. Usually I like going in the mid afternoon... it's a good time for me. Plus then I can shower after that, and don't have to get up earlier to shower.

Ok. That is all. Goodbye.


Patti said...

You didn't mention seeing yo momma!

Anonymous said...

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