March 19, 2009

mrs. wolf, what time is it?

Spent the night babysitting my little cousins with Kari. Good times. Let's just say that I am the champion of Mrs. Wolf, What Time Is It? and Kari's pretty good at picking slightly inappropriate movies - it was perhaps a bit too old/scary for the 4 year old, even though it is my favorite children's movie in the world.

Also, technologically schooled by a 5 year old. Couldn't figure out the new Monopoly banking machine for credit cards (this is why our nation is in debt, by the way, when we can't even use paper money in board games) and then had issues making the DVD player work with the tv. When my aunt and uncle got home, the kid asked her mom to make instructions for the remote controls for future babysitters.

My aunt and uncle live in Plainfield, which has the lucky pleasure of being the incredibly small town where Ed Gein lived. We talked about him and serial killers in general for awhile and then went to sleep freaked out. Wisconsin is home to two of the most notorious serial killers, and considering the number of people here, it begs the question if there's something inherent about Wisconsin that encourages craziness. Hmm.

This story made me laugh.

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