March 3, 2008

The subconscious of a Bacher

I've had some rather odd dreams lately, and since I've been writing them down I'm beginning to notice a trend running through them. A lot have to do with going back to high school or situations with people I knew from high school.... And now that I'm actually looking back through what I've written, a lot of them have to do with high school. In one I was a waitress and I wasn't getting orders right and I was messing up, and one of my customers was this girl I used to be friends with in high school; or East was putting on a version of a play I wrote and the director changed the whole moral of the play (it was a feminist play and he completely made it misogynistic), or even just dreams being set at high school.

I don't know what (if) my subconscious is telling me, but it's odd that so many are similar. I suppose there's some unspoken standard I have to meet and I'm afraid of meeting it or that people will judge me based on what I've done post-East. I suppose also there's a chance it's a big load of crap, because I have also dreamed that Natalie lived in a house made of Mongolian/gerbil fur and also that the patriarchy was physically inside of me and I needed to get it out.

Mom visited this weekend and it was lots of fun! We walked around downtown into a couple of shops, got some Yale gear, cuddled, watched movies, went to a little market for food and made some delicious Cuban chili with cumin and cilantro, went to the hockey game (we won, 3-0), went to the sailor bar. I told her she should quit that job and move in with her daughter. Mom, you can visit me anytime! Katie, you should visit too! Kari, you can visit too!

80 hours until I leave for Ireland!


Patti said...

Lindsay I want to come move in with you so we can walk to the market, make fun recipes and snuggle!

LMB said...

yay! do it, mom!

Katie said...

What's with all this snuggling? Can I come? :-D