March 22, 2008

More from Ireland

Tomorrow I come home from Ireland (sad). But it's been a lot of fun since I've been here, so that's nice.

This morning I made cream cheese french toast for Andrew and he said that it was so good he's going to hold on to me. What a compliment. But I think Mom and Kari should be pleased to know that their experiment ripping off IHOP will get me men.

We went to Dublin this week from Tuesday to Thursday. It was pretty fun, even at the same time as being tiring. There's so much to do in Dublin and we had so little time, so we tried to pack as much in as possible. That meant on Wednesday we went to 1. Dublin Castle 2. Chester Beatty Library (scraps of 1 c. parchment/Gospels!) 3. Christ Church 4. Guinness Brewery Tour 5. the place where Barney Kiernan's used to be (a pub where James Joyce set a chapter in Ulysses, a chapter on Andrew wrote a paper) 6. the Post Office 7. National Musuem of Archeology and History, 8. National Library 9. sushi for dinner! 10. Davy Byrnes (another Ulysses reference, where Leopold Bloom had lunch) and then finally to our hotel. Some places we just briefly stopped at (Christ Church, Barney Kiernan's, the Post Office), but all in all, we saw a lot and walked everywhere. I was v. v. v. tired by the time we went back to the hotel. Sushi helped my exhaustion, but there's only so much raw fish can do.

Thursday we went to another bunch of places before getting on the bus and heading back to Cork. We went to an exhibit at the Musuem of Decorative Arts and History (weird combo) about the Easter 1916 Rebellion and then to the James Joyce Center. We also walked through St. Steven's Green where the waterfall was NOT working. Bullshit! Dublin is about a 4 hour bus ride away from Cork, so by the time we got back to Andrew's apartment, I was pretty tired again. Not as tired as on Wednesday, but tired nonetheless.

Last Saturday we also went to Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. I have a lovely picture of Andrew kissing it, but not me. I blame this on Andrew. He didn't take a picture of me kissing it because "it was the wrong angle. It would have only been your legs." Laaaaame. He's a jerk. (In his defense, he did offer to buy me a copy of the one the Castle takes, you know, like on a rollercoaster. I think those are ripoffs to begin with, and since you couldn't even get it printed on a mug or mousepad, I didn't want one.)

Today we're going to go to an Easter beer festival held at a local brewery here. I'm pretty excited since I love beer and I love Easter. You know, Jesus dying and raising and all. Then tomorrow I fly home where I land at 11:00pm and take the midnight shuttle, putting me back in New Haven at 2am where I can sleep for a bit until I have work that afternoon. I'm going to go see Tessa in a few weeks, so that's exciting too. The semester is almost over - I have about four weeks of classes, then a reading week and then exams period when all of my papers are due. Crazy.

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Patti said...

There's just nothing like a "Kissing the Blarney Stone" mouse pad!

Text me when you're home safely. Can't wait to talk to you! Safe travels!