March 5, 2008

The etymology of Bacher

Apparently my new name should be Badass Bacher or Badass Mother Bacher. Future children include Chew Bacher and Badass Chew Bacher.

Bacher is also a verb. "I bachered you so hard!" or "You really bachered that."

I'm a big fan of "Bawkward" - the awkwardness of a Bacher.


Patti said...

This is a little bit random and I'm trying to follow it as I'm laughing loudly while kitchen dancing.

LMB said...

It came from a conversation my friends and I were having at lunch. Although I have to admit, I've been planning Chew Bacher since middle school.

Katie said...
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LMB said...

You could fit in a Spice Girl's song - Katie Koch-a-koch-aaaa!