February 28, 2008


Mom is coming to visit this weekend! It was an impromptu trip, but I'm super excited she's coming. She e-mailed me on Monday asking what I was doing this weekend, so I cleared my schedule (aka planned to watch movies a different day), she cashed in some frequent flier miles and she's landing Friday at 12:17! The last home Yale hockey game is Saturday, so a bunch of my friends are going and then we're going to hit up my new favorite sailor bar downtown. It's called Anchor Restaurant and it's got the most diverse crowd of people I've ever seen at one bar. They don't have anything on tap (the one drawback), but the half-hearted nautical theme is the best I've seen. Not to mention half the people there look like they just came back from 4 months at sea. Anyway, I'm excited to show my mom around and hang out with her! So much love lately... Kari AND Tessa in the same weekend, now my mom, and then next weekend I leave for Ireland (8 days)!

I applied for an internship at a religious publishing house in Minneapolis and I had a phone interview today. It went well, so hopefully the main person will be calling me back and interviewing me again. It's working with children's curriculum for congregations, so my background in camp counseling (especially church camp, any vacation bible school here or internationally) finally paid off. The press does both liturgical/congregational material and academic publishing, so hopefully I'll get some experience in the academic side as well. The Hebrew Bible professor here at YDS has some books published through Augsburg, so there's another interesting side to it. One of my friends adores John J. Collins (JJC, as I like to think of him), so I've been teasing him that I'll have more to talk about to JJC than he will, even though he's in one of his classes. Anyway, I'm actually very excited about the internship because it's 1. full time, 2. PAID! and 3. actually in a field I'm interested in. It's like the Holy Trinity of internships.

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