January 21, 2012

sam the reflective

Sam and I go running together and we have a pretty good time. Sometimes we'll go in the morning before work and it's usually still dark out. I worry about my own visibility, wearing black pants and a purple jacket (even with all the reflective features they boast). I've been wanting a reflective vest for a few months now, but just haven't found the right one at the right price. Sam, being much shorter and blacker than I am, is even more of a visibility nightmare. Cars may not be looking for him and he may just blend in with the background. I usually head downtown since the sidewalks are clearer in the winter than anywhere else; downside is that people don't usually expect or look for runners and their black Labs.

Guess who is now more visible at night?

He's my school crossing guard.

Some more Sam:

Having a pretty rough day.

A goofball in the car on the way home from Wisconsin over New Years.

Opening his Christmas present. Hint: It was an antler and what seems to be the most promising non-destructible toy yet.


Patti said...

I'm glad you and Sam will be safer! Harry and I got reflective vests for about $8 at Walmart. We saw lots of expensive ones, but then we happened across these and they are very helpful. If you don't have a Walmart nearby, let me know and I'll mail you one.

Love you!

Katie said...

You may be pleased to know that when I google "funny smart important" your blog is the first thing to come up before something about Brittany Spears. (I'm not kidding.) :-)

Hope your finger is doing better!