January 19, 2012

turn that frown upside down

Last week was shitty. Our car died and had expensive repairs, which meant I wasn't able to go to Green Bay for Erich and KT's baby shower. Boo.

This week was extra shitty. The car didn't get done until Monday, so we actually paid for it on Monday and that drained our bank account early in the week. A frozen bagel got the best of me, aka, I sunk a dull knife deep into my left ring finger in an attempt to cut in half a frozen bagel (a pre-cut bagel at that). It may have caused more damage than I originally thought. Huzzah!

I remember the end of 2009, thinking I was glad for it to be over because that year sucked. I feel the same way about this January. Let's just skip ahead to February, which is clearly a superior month as I was born during it.

January: Go blow yourself.
February: Don't suck like January.

Bacher out.

1 comment:

Patti said...

I'm with you! Bring on February!