April 28, 2009

slow loris


So cute. This video caused all-house uproar yesterday when it was sent to someone during study time. It turned five adults into balls of "awwww! IT'S SO CUTE!" today.

I just finished my second paper, so I feel like I'm at the crest of my schoolwork, peaking over the edge, lingering at the top of the wave for a few split seconds before everything comes crashing down at once. Then I emerge in the surf, covered in globs of wet sand and stringy seaweed while the wave recedes.

I'm going to enjoy the lingering and head to bed before I get started on my next paper. One's due Saturday and one's due next Wednesday, 8-10 each.

Bacher out.


Katie said...

Go Lindsay go! ...what kind of animal is that?

lindsay said...

It is a slow loris... I thought it was the animal's name, but apparently it is the type of animal. Who knew?