April 2, 2009

ben folds - not the same

So since that last post was a little stressful and depressing, at least in my opinion... Here's a something cheerier and bit of what Tim and I did last Saturday night.

Ben Folds is phenomenal. I love this song, and even the way he stands up to play. In the album version, he does some really great stuff with alternating vocals that I love love love. It was a great show and I think Ben Folds is one of those people that everyone should see live at least once.

This was also another great concert experience a few years back with Amy, Nat, and Drew:

Guster - Jesus on the Radio (acoustic)

They released the info for The Current's Rock the Garden, and I think Jake and I are going to go. If Kari and I end up living by Loring like planned, we can walk over! I hope Nat comes up to visit then, too. The Decemberists are playing and she loves them.


Rachel said...

What was on the night of April 1?

lindsay said...

me being stressed out.

Rachel said...


lindsay said...

if i'd known you were coming, i'd have baked a cake, hired a band, goodness sake!