February 25, 2012


Look at who I met last weekend!

My new nephew, Mason! He's the cutest thing ever, even with his old smushed Irish hitman face. I'm looking forward to seeing him next month when we go back to Green Bay and probably giving him a present, since I have no other children to smother with love.

Indy did his best Mason impression.

Sam chewed on both of Indy's toys in retaliation.

Sam will cuddle with pretty much anyone.

I did my six miles this morning and it went pretty good. I don't have any timed proof yet, but I'm certain I'm faster than before and absolute better at finishing strongly. It felt awesome to bang out six good miles and feel like I could do another few. I've been running during my lunch hour, which is fantastic. I feel like I concentrate much better in the afternoons after I've run and the day goes by so much faster. Now the mileage on weekday runs are getting to the point where I can't run the miles during my lunch break, so I'll be back to running in the morning again. It's a bit of a bummer, but I joined a gym across the street from my work, so on non-running days I'll head over for strength and cross training.

Ok. I'm going to go. Bacher out.

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