December 11, 2010

everything is better with corn pt. 2

Everything is better with corn.

So tasty.

There's been a massive blizzard today, biggest in 20 years or so. Minneapolis is going on 17 inches since it started last night.

Twitter and Facebook have been a source of some interesting names for the snowstorm: snOMG, Snowmaggedon, Blizzard People, snowly shit, etc. Nice work, world.

In this picture, there's two cars stuck turning/going down the cross street. People have been walking in the middle of the street since sidewalks haven't been shoveled.

The buses stopped running and they're advising no travel at all. Even the PLOWS haven't been running since there's so much snow. We stayed in today and watched some Buffy (thanks Katie!).

At least we have a good supply of corn.


Katie said...

you're welcome!

lindsay said...

We just finished season 2! We watched a ridiculous amount of Buffy yesterday.

Fashion Meets Food said...

The snow has been so crazy I can't even believe it. I just found your blog and love it. I am your newest follower.