December 19, 2010

the distance

The distance in question is 13.1. Heck yes, half marathoning it. May 2011.

I'm also thinking this would be awesome, ala Duncan. Lady, come do the one in Minnesota. Or Wisconsin. I hope they take slow people, because I'm slow but I can jump over a fire.

My mail carrier has not been delivering some of my mail, specifically, important letters from my undergrad regarding my loans. So if that's not getting through, what else have I been missing? Way to go, postal service.

I had an epic Cookie Fail last Sunday. They went in like this:

And came out like this:

Don't know what happened... We ate them anyway.


Rachel said...

Enough leavening agent?
Enough flour?

Patti said...

Classic! Sorry Linz, cookie baking was never one of my strong points or perhaps I'd be more help. How'd they taste?

lindsay said...

I think it was a baking soda/baking powder mishap.

Rachel said...