September 11, 2010


More pictures!

Some homemade granola. I haven't done the math to figure out if making the granola at home saves money compared to the store-bought bulk granola.

We made stir-fry the other night. Here are all the ingredients pre-cooking.

In the pan.

And the final product. I made sure to keep the soy sauce light because I've been accused of dousing prior stir-fries in too much soy. I added my own after plating though.

A wedding present came in the mail the other day and I thought the level of packaging was ridiculous. Here's the first box it came in (paper towels for comparison):

And the second box inside the big box, filled with styrofoam peanuts:

And finally the present itself, a pizza stone (Thanks Sarah and Jean!). True, pizza stones are heavy but that biggest box was just overkill. Talk about unnecessary packaging, Amazon.

I start my new job on Monday - woo!

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What's the job?!