September 14, 2010

real adult

Ok, so I like taking pictures of my food and posting it on here, but some of the blogs I read get a little extreme with the pictures. Seriously, I don't need to see 8 pictures of lettuce. And then washing lettuce. And then the lettuce in a bowl. You get my drift. Anyway.

I feel like a real adult today. I went to work, drank coffee, came home, went for a run and made dinner. Ok, dinner is still in the process since we made homemade pizza and that usually takes some time. Andrew just took it out of the oven and we're probably going to watch some TV on DVD - I'd tell you what it is but it's pretty nerdy and I'm not sure if I want to own up to it.

I'll fill you in on the new job near the end of the week - I've been training and first-day-ing so it's not really representative of the work I'm going to be doing. Don't you just love training meetings?!? Yes? No? Yes?

Pizza! Bacher out.


Kari said...

You do kinda take a lot of pictures of food.

It makes me hungry.

lindsay said...

I post a couple pictures of some of the things I cook - I don't post multiple pictures of the same head of lettuce but at different angles and distances. There's a difference and I can't even say it's a subtle one.

It should make you hungry though. I'm a good cook.