August 27, 2010

this too shall pass

I've mentioned before, but I love LOVE Ok Go. I love this video. I love pretty much any song that incorporates a marching band. Reading The AV Club's article on love-at-first-sight art made me think of Ok Go. One of Erich's friends bought their first album because he thought the cover art was cool (I'm not sure if he had heard of them or not... the cover art was the explanation I heard). Loved the it. Bought the second album for Kari for Christmas, but then realized I probably liked them more than she did. Not that she didn't like them, just that I anticipated she was a bigger fan than she actually was. Oops. I won't lie; that's what happened.

Also - The Jerk. I remember watching it when I was a kid and thinking it was so funny. I didn't see it again for years, partially out of the idea that it might not be as good as I remembered, that my memory built it up to epic proportions. When I finally did see it again a few years back, it lived up to my memory, which is saying something.

Hmmm, what else. Today is the reception for family and friends after our wedding earlier this summer. Everyone coming to one place just for Andrew and I. I have a love/hate relationship with being the center of attention. I really don't like blowing out candles while people watch me and sing Happy Birthday (or an equally appropriate song in the public domain). Opening presents at a wedding shower a few weeks ago was equally unnerving. But at the same time, I like parties, especially parties in my honor.

I should go wash dishes before my mom gets here. I don't want her to think that I actually use my kitchen. Use it a lot, by the pile of dishes in the sink.

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