May 27, 2010

edible future

Few things:

Picking up keys to my new apartment with Andrew today. Woo hoo! Moving also. :(

Did terrible in my 5k race for work on Saturday. 37 minutes or so, slower than the last 5k I ran in November. It was hillier than I expected, but it was yesterday's run that confused me even more - 9:08 PR mile, 9:45 average pace and a 5k in 29:30 (PR). What? I felt great during my run yesterday, like I could keep going longer even. I suppose you can try to be as consistent as you can, but sometimes you have days like Saturday and sometimes you have days like yesterday.

Pictures of my growing food:

Basil sprouts, in need of repotting.

Cilantro sprouts. They came up, quite literally, Tuesday. All of them except that tall one in the back. I thought they weren't going to sprout and then they all did at once.

Hanging tomato plant.

My big asparagus plants. Going to have to replant them in the ground somewhere... Andrew said his dad might want them, which means he might share with us next spring. Yum.

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