May 17, 2010


Last week I was kinda lazy. Between no work Monday, conference Tuesday, speaking at a panel at my undergrad on Thursday, I only ran on Wednesday and then only for a little bit. I could really tell I hadn't done much this week when I went out for a 5 mile run on Saturday. It was hot and I was trudging along, stopping once for water and again to motivate myself to keep it up. I ran around the lake by my house (3.2 miles) on Sunday and my 5k time was significantly slower than usual. Ah, oh well. It's a good lesson to learn, especially approaching the Bellin in 4 weeks. I'm also doing a 5k this Saturday with a team from work so I'd like to beat my last official 5k time from last fall (November - 36 minutes or so). Although that shouldn't be a big problem - even my slow, agonizing 5k yesterday was faster than that.

Andrew and I submitted our application for a new apartment this weekend - hopefully that'll work out and I have some place to live in two weeks. I started going through my belongings and weeding out things I don't read/wear/watch/use anymore and already I have a big, big pile. I was more stringent about getting rid of things this time around so I've got stacks of books, a pile of DVDs that both Andrew and I own and two grocery bags of clothes to pass on. I'm sure I'll find more things as the packing and organizing begins.

I've actually got some good job prospects out there for after I'm done in July (or earlier). It's kinda surprising to mention three different potential places of employment that are actually legitimate. I spoke at a panel of religion majors at my undergrad on Thursday about life-after-a-religion-major. I had a great time and it was nice to be back at Hamline again, sitting in a religion classroom. As someone a few years out of school who still doesn't know exactly what I want to do, I felt like my experience was important to share, especially to kids graduating from college. If I don't have it figured out, then they shouldn't feel pressured to either.

I guess I'm still trying to pull myself out of the mindset that there's ONE CAREER. One job/career that you have for your life. You get the same focus with wedding planning too - THE ONE, THE RING, THE DRESS. Not that I don't think Andrew's perfectly lovely and loveable and in love with him, but honestly, I can't buy into the idea that had we not met, I wouldn't have been able to find happiness because he's THE ONE for me. Like my ring and dress - they're A ring and A dress, things I like but it's not divinely ordained that I wear them. There are lots of options for me, both in terms of wedding apparel and careers.


This is awesome.

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