January 16, 2010


Somewhere outside my back window, someone is hacking and spitting. I can't see it but can distinctly hear it. Yuck.

This is what I did today and yesterday:

zucchini bread

white bread

yam crisps

salt and vinegar chips

Last week:

broccoli cheese soup

The white bread was a little dense, but I think I had problems with the ratio of liquid to dry ingredients. I'm going to try again soon. Also, I need to figure out how to get my potato slices uniformly thin for chips. Either they're too thick and don't cook all the way through or are too thin and burn. Argh.

Yesterday I had anti-bias training for work through the Anti-Defamation League. It was pretty interesting, but the worst part about diversity training is that the people who participate the least or who dislike it are those who need it the most. People committed to creating and maintaining inclusive atmospheres (in all aspects of life, not just early childhood education) usually are the ones who speak up and offer constructive ways to make classrooms welcoming. Maybe I'm just sick of people who treat other people's work (and presentations) as a joke, boring, annoying, etc.

The other thing was that as MRC members, some of us have very little power over the classroom space. Or we try to do something but aren't understood by our co-workers who haven't received the same training or focus that we have. It often makes our work harder.

Roller derby tonight. I hope people come and bring books.

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