July 21, 2009

a brief apology

To The Person Who I Thought Hadn't Read The Last Report On The Miracles At Little No Horse But Actually Did Read It,

Sorry re: above. I just finished The Plague of Doves and I think you would like that also. This time I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it really was you that read the book and not your woman. Although I think she would like it too.

Also, I think you would like this: Palin's Resignation - The Edited Version.



PS Those kabobs were delicious. Come visit.
PPS Man, we really had a fun time this weekend without that one girl from our family!


Kari said...

First of all, you make no sense.

Second of all, I read the edited version. It was fantastic.

Third of all, my name is Kari. My 2 year old host brother here knows my full name, so should you. Although, he does pronounce it Kaaary Batcher.

lindsay said...

1 - why do you think everything is about you?

2 - did you make me kabobs?

3 - who did you think i meant by "your woman"?

4 - i tagged the post "erich" since he was the one who, on an earlier post, wrote that he liked the last report but i thought it was katie accidentally posting as erich's name.

Erich said...


Also, my kabobs are delicious.

That is all.

Kari said...

I had a dream last night that I was at Palin´s resignation speech and that I gave her a verbal beating.

It was a great dream.

lindsay said...

COMMENT BRAGHHGH reminds me of kenneth branaugh which reminds me of mrs. apple.

that is all.