May 19, 2008

I'm allergic to your face!

As I've been packing my apartment in the past few days, I've sneezed a couple times. I assumed it was from dusty books and things like that, but today as I was blowing my runny nose with threat of sneezing it occurred to me perhaps I'm allergic to something.

There was a few years/summers as a kid that I thought I was allergic to campfire smoke (I don't even know if you can be, but whatever), and I've taken allergy medicine before for something. Maybe I'm allergic to Connecticut summers. At least I'm not allergic to fragrances like Tessa's roommate.

Moving today. Yuck.

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La Pobre Habladora said...

Hey - sounds like you're pretty busy... maybe even too busy to blog! But, if not, we have a commenter over at my site who is claiming that Christianity AND feminism are incompatible - it's one or the other, apparently. I'm no theologian, so I immediately thought of you. I was wondering if you've ever written about how Christianity and women's rights intersect. If so, could I link to it?

Good luck with the move and I hope your sniffles go away quickly!