April 10, 2008


I posted earlier in the year about the people riding their bikes up the hill in front of my apartment building. It was ridiculously nice out today, so I had my window open. Another person rode their bike past my window. Instead of riding the slow ride up, a guy whizzed by on his bike going downhill and as he got to the big incline of the hill, he shouted out "WHOOO!" I thought it was great. Although he should have been wearing a helmet.

I've started contributing to a feminist blog! I'm very excited, since a lot of the feminist blogs I read were kind of the reason I started this blog in the first place. It helps to keep in touch with my family and friends, but also I wanted to work through issues I was concerned with. Now I have a more specified way to do so! Anyway, check it out: www.impersonated.blogspot.com.

I sat outside and read today, wearing my sunglasses. It was beautiful. Sorry friends in the midwest, but spring has come to Connecticut!

I'm also at book 18 of the 50 books to read in 2008. I'm way farther than I was at this point last year, so go me! And last I heard, Kari's keeping on schedule too! We are readers!

And by the way, what's with no one leaving comments on my blog anymore? I know you're visiting since my counter tracks you (and your location - I know where you are...), so leave me some love.


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Patti said...

I'm leaving you a whole bucket full of love!

I wanna sit outside and read - I"m coveting your sunshine and warm weather!

Lindsay said...

Mom, coveting is against Jesus' law.