April 2, 2008

My obession with the UPS tracker

If there's one thing I like doing, it's checking the UPS tracker to see when packages I've ordered will arrive. The company will send an email that my package has shipped and then I get to stalk my package via the internet so I know exactly what day it'll arrive.

I'm waiting for three things right now, mostly stuff I put off buying until after I got my first post-Ireland paycheck. I bought a book I need to read for class (and one that I assume I'll use again, thus the buying as opposed to the librarying) called Hollywood Be Thy Name; I bought the Ten Commandments for a paper I'm writing (another thing I assume I'll use again at some point); I also bought a new bookbag. It's big and nice and sturdy and I'm going to use it until it falls apart (as a way to justify the cost). The bag I'm using now can fit my laptop and not much else - not the notebook or multiple books I'm likely to have with me, so it was time for it to go. Plus I grabbed it from the BTFO room so it was free anyway.

The Ten Commandments arrives on the 9th, my new bag arrives on the 7th (it left San Jose on the 1st!), and I'm not sure when Hollywood Be Thy Name arrives since the seller is an independent bookstore and apparently doesn't have access to the massive UPS technology of showing when something somewhere has been scanned. It should be here soon since I ordered it right after I got back. Lamezoid.

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Patti said...

Just for the record you get the talent of being obsessed with the UPS tracker from your d - a - d.