January 2, 2008

Winter break, numbers style

Number of...

Times told by my dentist my teeth looked perfect: 1

Political Mario/Luigi '08 t-shirts received: 1
Sizes too big of said t-shirt: 2
Days of Bush left in office: 383
New Presidents to elect this year: 1(!!!)

New digital cameras bought: 1
Best Buy camera salesmen who hit on me while buying camera: 1
Boyfriends in vicinity while being hit on by Best Buy employees: 1

Instances of sushi eating: 4
Instances of making sushi at home: 2

Times I myself have driven between Minneapolis and Green Bay: 3
Times driven through a snow storm/falling snow: 3
Forays into the ditch on the side of highway 29 because of said snow: 1
Cute cousins that missed Christmas because of a snow storm: 3
Christmas services attended: 1 (down from 2 last year)

Books planned to read cover-to-cover* in '07: 50
Actual books read in '07: 47 (48 if you count the Clifford children's book I read last week)
Books planned to read in '08: 50
Books sitting on my desk waiting to be read: 10
Books finished in November '07: 8
Months it took to finish the first 8 books: 2 1/2

Roommates reunited with over New Years: 4
Champagne bottles emptied: 2
Hangovers of roommates: 0 (down 500% from last year)

Boyfriends who left the country on New Years Day: 1
Weeks until I see him: 9 1/2
Weeks I'll be in Ireland visiting: 2
Days until I return to New Haven: 11
Upon my return to New Haven, number of weeks until I see Andrew: 8

Times I want to watch this video: 10 billion

How much I wish I was an otter, floating and holding hands: very much.

*My goal is defined by completely finishing a book, front to back. Unfortunately, this rules out a lot of books assigned for classes based on the sole fact I only read specific sections of those books, not the whole thing. I've read parts of more than 50 books, just not 50 whole books.


Katie said...

I thought you were kidding about this video! Would that be considered "handsie"?

I like it best when the second otter comes back and reaches for the other. I just about died.

Patti said...

I KNOW! It's so cute. Katie, we could be floating otters, holding hands.

Patti said...

That was me, Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

OK, wait. If the hangovers are down 500%, that would mean that you had some number of hangovers last year, and you now have 5 times that number less, which should give you negative four times the number from last year hangovers this year. THIS MAKES NO SENSE.