January 31, 2008

Real, live Bacher sister conversation.

Kari: So I bought Proactive off the tv at 2 in the morning
Me: Hahahahahahahahaha.
Kari: It's not that funny. Anyway, it came with a free 30 day sample, and it's only like 2 ounces. I can hold the entire thing in my hand.
Me: Maybe it's just because you have big hands.


Katie said...

I could swear a while back Kari bought Proactive and your mom made her send it back. I remember seeing the little bottles sitting on the table off of the kitchen. Silly girl!

LMB said...

She thinks she's going to be like Jessica Simpson now... so funny.

CarbonDate said...


I sent this message to Katie, too.

Do you want me to blogroll you? I see you blogroll me (thank you), but given the nature of my blog, I wasn't sure if you'd want the kind of attention my blog attracts.

Let me know. Thanks again.

CarbonDate said...

Actually, I'll just do it.

LMB said...

Cool! That works out nicely.

Anonymous said...

I submitted my "before" pictures to the company so they will send me a free sample pack of product.

I used pictures where I have no pimples, so I'm thinking that they can't be worth anything.

After getting the 30-day trail I'm also kinda excited to see just how tiny the sample pack is.