October 31, 2007

Save energy - eat sushi!

You know how I decided to share my voice and feelings on particular issues more often? Well, seems I feel like I should do it all the time now. This CNN article is about the wasted energy of useless, plugged in appliances/electronics. Think about how many things sit around, unused but still on, wasting energy? Printers. DVD players. Here's a big one - cell phone chargers. Computers. So much wasted energy. Even if you just start by unplugging one thing and plugging it back when you're ready to use it, we should be more conscious about the useless drain of energy in our homes. Sure, it's a pain in the ass, but it's not a HUGE pain in the ass. It's just a small pain. I'm not saying everyone should run around unplugging everything immediately, but start by making small changes. Everyday Activist has lots of really good tips for making the small changes in your home, at work, school, shopping, ect. I already do a lot of these (mostly out of my own laziness - I'm looking at you, short showers), but if I pick one each week to implement, then slowly but surely I'll be making big changes. Here's more tips from CNN.

One day I also want to have a
worm compost. Maybe not right now... but some day.

My friends Olivia and Sarah and I were talking at lunch today about American Girl dolls and how we should make our own feminist version of the dolls - one who attended the Seneca Falls convention in 1848, one who worked for women's suffrage in 1920, one who participated in the women's movement in the 70's, and one involved with the womanist movement. It'd be awesome. The 70's one comes complete with a package of birth control pills. We'd call them American Womyn dolls and life would be awesome. I'd buy one for my kids.

(Ok, Andrew does these things, so the picture isn't a dig on him. He's great. Le awesome, even.)

Want to know what I finally decided for my costume for Halloween?

I made my very own homemade sushi yesterday for dinner - all by myself! I'm such a big girl. I ordered a rice steamer online, and it's soooo cute!

I had only made sushi with Oren before, so by myself for the first time was exciting - who knows how I could mess it up?!

I made too much rice, so I ended up making about 4 rolls - or about 2 rolls too many. Next time I'm just making 1 cup of rice.

I put cream cheese, cucumber and avocado in my rolls, but I was thinking about it today and I could always put tuna in mine. I'm not sure how if the canned tuna they have in the store works, but we'll find out next time.

P.S. You can tell I sadly live alone since I'm making sushi for myself and taking pictures of it. Aw.


Ryan said...


is what you want.

Ryan said...

trying again: click here

LMB said...

Um, dude, I already have a rice steamer. DID YOU NOT SEE THE PICTURE?


Katie said...

Erich implemented a "No composting in the apartment" rule. He likens it to me not letting him smoke inside.

Otherwise I wanted to get a vermicomposter and use it as a foot rest.

LMB said...

Katie, I'd let you have a compost in the apartment, with our cats.