October 3, 2007

One thing that bothers me frequently is when people misuse the words "Islam(ic)" and "Muslim." I think I picked this up from Mark Berkson because he gets annoyed by it too. So:

You can be a Muslim, but you can't be an Islamic person. Islam is an adjective that has to do with the religion and traditions. Muslim is a noun (a Muslim) and an adjective that has to do with the people. To go with the definitions of the words, Islam means submission, surrender to the will of God, and peace, while Muslim means someone who submits.

Someone misused "Islamic" in my Iconography class today. I think a lot of people here don't have much experience in religions outside of Christianity. Even Judaism is stretching it sometimes. Sometimes I think being multi-traditional means knowing about all the different denominations.

I went to the Peabody Museum the other day to see a mandala being made by Tibetan monks. Monks work for several days making a really elaborate piece of sand art that they destroy when they're done. It has to do with the impermenace of life and that crap. After we saw the mandala, then Mike, Marshall and I wandered around the museum. It was a pretty fun Friday afternoon, in all.

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