June 16, 2013

Week 2 of TCM training

Well, considering I had 18 miles on my schedule for training last week, I ran 1.75 of them. Awesome, IT band. Way to go.

I went out for my three miles on Monday, cautiously optimistic about the state of my left IT band. I could barely make 1.75 miles, which may or may not have ended in an epic sobfest on the trail that runs along the river in downtown St. Paul. My sister says the only thing I get emotional about is running (it's true). So I had a good 45 second cry, then sucked it up and started doing hip/glue strength training exercises.

I think I need to be more consistent about strength training. I do it regularly when I can't run, and then get sloppy when I start upping my mileage and training. I started getting up a half hour early four days a week to do a mix of core and glue/hip exercises. This is to go on top of my regular training, and really be a habit that sticks with me regardless of what I'm doing.

I'm seeing my physical therapist tomorrow morning, and hopefully she'll give me some insight as to what happened with my left IT band.

Last week:
Monday - 1.75 miles
Tuesday - Routine 1 in the morning, more strength training at noon
Wednesday - Routine 2 in the morning, went to the gym with my Bolder Options mentee and we rode bikes and lifted some weights
Thursday - Routine 1 in the morning, some stair running and stretching at noon
Friday - off
Saturday - indoor rock climbing with Andrew
Sunday - Biked 50 minutes to and from yoga, 1 hour vinyasa yoga class.

Week to come:

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