August 22, 2011

recipe booking

Ok, so I like cooking. I won't lie. I also find a lot of recipes online. I had this really bad habit of keeping a browser window open with tabs and tabs of recipes I wanted to try or keeping a post unread in my google reader until I could try it (or until it was in there too long and expired).

Recently I found this really cool website and have been using it to remind myself of all the recipes I want to make. When I find an interesting recipe, I bookmark/"pin" it and the website stores them by pictures, making it easy to browse and remember why I was interested in the first place. It's pretty cool.

Here are my two boards: Recipes to try and Recipes that rock (things I've already made and like)

Food pictures make me hungry.

Bacher out.


Patti said...

Linz this is cool - I'll check it out because I do the same thing all the time!

lindsay said...

It's super easy to keep everything I want to try in one place.