March 8, 2010

accidentally training

I've been planning on running the Bellin Run 10k for awhile now; I was tossing around the idea of entering a triathalon but I think I will have to save that for another year. I don't think I can financially afford all of the expenses/upgrades that I would need for that. I have a pair of running shoes, so I'm pretty sure I can swing the Bellin.

I accidentally ran it last year. When I say accidentally, I mean I started with the mindset that I'd run until I got tired, walk a little, then run the rest of the way. Well, I got to mile 4, was feeling good and just kept going. The last quarter mile was about the point my body rebelled against me; I puked during the last block of the race. After puking I kept running though, so whatever.

I mapped out my training for the next few months. I've been logging my exercising just for fun recently. I kind of like seeing it all written out like that. It's on a calendar I keep in a filing cabinet at work, which is where I usually work out. I like having April and May printed off already with my anticipated training written and highlighted. Of course, there's space for what I'll actually do too.

Here's my log from February and the first week of March:
2/2 - run 2 miles, weights
2/3 - run 1 mile, bike 28 minutes mid-high intensity
2/4 - DDPP 1 hour (Dance Dance Party Party)
2/7 - run 2 miles, bike 20 minutes mid intensity
2/8 - run 1 mile, bike 20 minutes
2/10 - run 1.5 miles
2/11 - DDPP 80 minutes
2/17 - bike 30 minutes low intensity
2/18 - bike 25 minutes low intensity
2/19 - run .5 miles, bike 20 minutes mid intensity
2/20 - run/walk 5 miles
2/23 - run 1.5 miles, weights
2/24 - bike 25 minutes
2/25 - bike 25 minutes
3/1 - run 1 mile, bike 30 minutes mid-high intensity
3/2 - bike 30 minutes mid intensity, weights
3/3 - run 1 mile, bike 30 minutes
3/4 - DDPP 60 minutes
3/5 - run .5 mile, bike 30 minutes
3/8 - run 20 minutes, weights

Can you tell when I felt a little sick this past month? (See 2/17 - 2/19) I've been working out pretty consistantly since mid January and I can tell a difference. I get lethargic in the afternoon if I don't exercise; my mind gets fuzzy and I'll waste time online without doing any work. Might as well be doing something productive with that time. My muscles feel stronger and more pronounced in places. I don't exercise with the intention of losing weight but to generally be healthier. I think it's working.

And now, some quotes from my kids:

D: I have to go to the dentist.
Me: Why?
D: I have a booger I have to get out.


D: Your arm looks like a cookie.
(I have lots of freckles/birth marks on my arms)


E: Clowns are disgusting because they chew with their mouths open.


Words from the wise, friends.


Rachel said...

Dude. You are a hoss. That is a positive thing.

We miss you.

Patti said...

Lindsay I am all out of sorts today and have found your post to be very inspirational and uplifting for me. Thank you - the timing of it is perfect.

I'm proud of you and love you immensely!

lindsay said...

you are both lovely human beans.

Anonymous said...

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