November 8, 2009

my weekend in pictures and me yelling at a woman on the street

Some of the events of the weekend:

Saturday night I went to sleep at 9:30, woke up when the neighbors went to the bar, woke up when they came back from the bar, considered yelling at them and/or calling in a noise complaint, lay in bed angry and pissed off but doing nothing until they went inside and I eventually fell asleep. In other news, I turned 90.

5k! I kept up with the pace of the race I ran on October, which is good. It was a small race, which means that I came in last. I am a-ok with this because it wasn't like I was super slow... I was just the slowest of the runners. I'm comfortable enough with myself and my running that it doesn't matter to me.

Pumpkin pie! Homemade crust and filler. Yum.

I had leftover pumpkin mash from the pie, thus ... Pumpkin bread!

Homemade pumpkin pie and bread means ... Pumpkin seeds!

An angry and hesitant shared picture of tortilla soup!

Kari and I were walking back from the bus and a woman came riding up on her bike beside us, talking about how crappy men are and how unlucky in love she is. We mumbled in agreement, etc, and thought we left her behind us. Then she rode up again and started talking about how men are wusses and pansies and girls when they don't do their "job" (whatever that is). I told her I didn't appreciate her comparing weak men to women, saying that it put women in a hierarchy under men. Well, I said it less academically. Eventually we ended up shouting and she called us lesbians, and then somehow I ended up yelling across the SA gas area, "'Man up' is not an acceptable term!" At that point, I became the yelling lady and the circle was complete. The student became the teacher.

Honestly, I started talking back to her because I've had enough with people not living their beliefs. I believe in gender equality, even - especially - in language. How we speak and the words and idioms we use reveals our inner biases and beliefs. Inclusive language in church is another fine example of this exact thing. All in all, I just didn't want to think later, "Why didn't I say anything?" Casual sexism is sexism is sexism.

The End! Now off to take a pumpkin mush bath with my pumpkin shampoo...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Of course there would be viagra spam on this post.


Anonymous said...

"That term is problematic!!!!!"

KT said...

Lindsay, you just made me laugh after a rather bad day. Thank you so much. Lately I have been losing my patience with stupid people. I say if people are going to foist their rants on strangers on the street then they deserve whatever they get.

Patti said...

Ha! I wish I could have been watching from across the street.

BTW - can I have some of that pumpkin shampoo?

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