September 23, 2009

bigger mustache

I'm scheming again.

I think I would like to have a secondary teaching license. The question now is how to go about obtaining one. Some potential options include Teach for America, St. Paul or Milwaukee Teaching Fellows, a MA in Education/licensing from Hamline or the U, pushing down a current teacher in a high school parking lot and stealing theirs, etc. The "earn while you teach" programs of TFA or SPTF/MTF are pretty competitive, but it'd get me in a classroom the quickest and on my way to having a full teaching license.

It wasn't too long ago that I was regularly sending out resumes so it seems a bit weird to be applying for programs just a month into my current one. I'm enjoying what I'm doing; it's just that PreK isn't my ideal age group. The kids are incredibly fun, but I would really love to work with high school or middle school age.

However, Bill Cosby was right - kids DO say the darndest things:
  • "My mom's boyfriend is Michael Jackson."
  • "What do YOU know about Star Wars? I want to be Luke Skywalker!" "I want to be Darth Vaber!" "YOU'RE MY DAD! I'm going to chop your head off!"
  • "You look like my dad except he has a bigger mustache."

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Rachel said...

You write too infrequently.