May 5, 2009


Finished. Completed. Done. I am done. Slid that paper under the door this morning and I've been free and clear since... well, with the exception of the graduation meeting I went to where I'm on a committee to plan a bunch of events for the week leading up to graduation. Oops? Naah, it'll be fun.

View outside my window this morning. Nice and rainy (but green).

My stack of books, two layers deep and two layers wide.


Anonymous said...

Nice mirror. It's too bad about the crack down the side. I just finished rereading the Frida book for the third or fourth time.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to be in proximity to the Minneapolis collage. I spent a lot of time with it last year and kinda got tired of it. You might have to hide it in your room so I don't have to see it.

lindsay said...

Aren't you glad I hang up the stuff you give me?

PS that Frida book is mine.

Katie said...

Yaaaay! Congrats.